Monday, 19 April 2010

Student creates windows of opportunity for public!

The WOT in The Edinburgh Evening News
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LIBRARIES, museums and even redundant police boxes will showcase the best work of promising artists in the Capital under an innovative new scheme.
A student from Edinburgh College of Art has set up a project that will see art being brought closer to people who would not usually set foot in an art gallery. The first series of exhibitions will take place in six windows of the Central Library on George IV Bridge, on Friday.

But second-year student Faith Limbrick is hoping to expand her "Window on Talent" project to other public buildings across the city. And she even hopes to be able to use redundant police boxes in future to showcase the work of her peers.

Ms Limbrick, 19, said: "This is about trying to break down barriers between the art school and the public. All of the exhibitions in the college are very insular and only the other students get to see the work. I want to break that down because there are so many exciting things going on at the college.

"The Central Library is such an important place in Edinburgh and there will be a lot of footfall so hopefully this will reach out to people who would not have gone into a gallery before."

Ms Limbrick said she has already had strong interest from students wanting to exhibit their work.

Although the initial exhibitions will not have a theme, she hopes that a future exhibition will have an Edinburgh focus.

And she said that expanding it into more unusual sites in the city would appeal. "There's a police box on the Royal Mile, and various others around Edinburgh, that I think would be great with glass screens around them and art inside."

The project has been set up with financial assistance from the Scottish Institute of Enterprise, while the city council is providing the space at the Central Library at no cost.

Councillor Deidre Brock, the city's culture leader, said: "It's a great idea to display artworks in an unusual and highly-visible setting like this. The pieces will undoubtedly catch many people's attention in this busy central location."

A spokeswoman for the Edinburgh College of Art said: "This is a remarkable achievement by one student to promote to the wider public the work of Edinburgh College of Art students."

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