Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Fraser McQuade

Fraser McQuade
Architecture 3rd Year


Inspiration is drawn from the period of the industrial revolution; a time of significant importance during Dundee's history.

The production and distribution of jute within the old city provided metaphorical connections between the location of mill and factory buildings in land, and the presently filled in harbor which falls across the given site. These connections, projected as straight lines, gave an initial concept from which a masterplan of Dundee's waterfront was developed.

In the form of the museum itself; regimented and frank structural solutions create volumes (interior and exterior) whose atmospheres are intensified by the stark, honest materiality (largely concrete, exposed steel and wired glass) which emulates that used in historical industrial architecture.

The interior gallery spaces are individualized by the application of texture to their raw concrete walls, each texture speaking of the subject of its exhibition.

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