Saturday, 26 June 2010

David Cass

David Cass

BA (Hons) Painting

As of January this year my work significantly changed. Though I am still drawing inspiration from the same subject matter, my completed articles are on a much smaller scale, and are far less polished than the large-scale abstract paintings I had been creating for the majority of 2009 and beginning of this year. After embarking upon a personal film project in December, I intended my practical work – which held no physical relationship with my film work – to become much more personal, honest and raw. It has now become almost impossible to identify one primary medium within my current practice, which encompasses painting, sculpture, film and writing.

My degree show at ECA this year was an installation of paintings and sculptures composed of found materials: small detailed gouache paintings on found wooden boards, alongside found material sculptures, tied together by a film projection and book of writings. These are the types of works I intend to continue creating: works that I can make on location, that are almost sketches – but that add up to create a large body of work. This display is a small collection of these found materials, aiming to provide an insight into my work.

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